I went to a Selena Gomez concert that Christina was the opening act for! I bought some VIP tickets online for me, my friend, and my mom. Before the show we waited with a few other people at a special ticket booth. I’m looking around and all of a sudden I see her brother walking up to us! Since I’m such a big fan of Christina, I was almost in tears just meeting him! He walked us down to right outside the doors of Christina’s dressing room! Then, Christina walks out and said, “Hey guys!”, with a big smile on her face. Right then, i basically stopped breathing. She gave us all hugs and started talking to us! I really wanted to talk to her but I was so happy I was speechless! She spent almost an hour hanging out with us! We took a bunch of pictures and one girl even sang to her! Christina was wearing the same boots as me so she signed my boots. She gave us all her CD and autographed them.

Also, in art class, we made a picture of our favorite celeberty out of ripped pieces of paper and I showed her that and she signed that, too! She really liked it! After a while, she had to get ready for the concert. The concert  was really good. Christina was awesome! When the concert was almost over, we left out seats and walked to where Christina’s would be autographing things. There was already a huge line! But, we just walked up to the table because earlier, Mark said he had something else for us and that we needed to find them. Soon, Christina and Mark walked out and headed to the table. But they saw us and came to us first! They had lanyards with Christina’s face on them! She signed all of them and hugged us one more time. She was so nice! That was definitely the best day ever.

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Hello :)

I didn’t like meet Grimmie or see her in real life, but…she commented on my photo a few times..like 3? But I am just going to share 2 with you all :)

The first time that she commented on my photo was during the time that if you still remember it, it was when something bad happened to her dog and I found out on tumblr so I decided to make her a photo just for her, to ask her to stand strong and I didn’t expect her to see my photo or anything…and I was really shocked and happy when I saw a notification from her..

Well, I went a bit crazy (for those who have experienced it before, you all will know how I felt) I was like jumping around my house, lol? and I can’t believe that it was real man…like REAL. Omg! Christina Grimmie commented on just a normal photo I did for her. The thing that really made me feel so happy is..that she liked it, ya..and it was also the very first time that I posted on her FB wall ^^


It was kind random? Cause I drew this photo when I was kinda bored in class..and I DID NOT create this cartoon.. I copied it from “Richard Schiggy Choi” So it’s kind of like redrawing it cause I liked the cartoon he drew :) and after school I decided to post it on Christina Grimmie’s FB wall again, and of course I really didn’t expect her to see it or anything because I just like sharing my drawing with you all and I thought that it looked nice too. Ya… :) and amazingly, she SAW it again! and she commented on it! :D so once again I went crazy for sometime :)

So yup! I am sure someday for those who have not met her LIVE like me, will meet her someday! :D and also that I am sure someday she will see your post too ! :D

Full Size of her Drawing: (x)

Love you all, #TeamGrimmie

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Hi :]!  


SEPTEMBER 23, 2010.

I know, really early into her career right? I posted a picture i had drawn [of Christina of course] during school at 10-ish at night on her facebook fan page, not really expecting any return comments or anything.So i went to bed around 10:30, and was almost going to fall asleep when my phone vibrated because i had a facebook notification, it was just some random people commenting on the picture.   10:50pmI scrolled down and literally went into a spasm frenzy when i saw that Christina commented too [F YEAH!].She was being so nice and complementing me and all, [i really felt like ripping the paper out of my sketchbook and sending it to her, but i cant :\ ] I was so excited, i took multiple screen shots of my phone.   I have kept the whole thing within myself for the past half year because no one i know actually watches christina, and would probably think im physco. so that was my one and only experience “with” Christina, because i live out of the US, in Singapore [not in China] which is very far away [like half a globe away >_< ].   So that was my GRIMMIE EXPERIENCE, i cannot wait for her to become super ultra famous, and when she goes on a world tour i can finally meet her :]


Hey. I didnt really meet Christina or anything, but she once replied to my comment on youtube. Its no biggy, but it was awesome :D It was her video “Rolling in the deep” by Adele, and i commented about her hair, and wrote - ”If Christina replies to this, I will poop bricks”yeah, i know. I dont know what i was thinking :P but at least she replied.She wrote “Well, go poopy some bricks”It was one of the best days of my life because she’s amazing and i love her :) Im sure she’s gonna be a huge superstar one day, and she’s already half way there!

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So for months I have been waiting to get tickets to go to the concert at Bethel Woods. I was told I can go then a few days ago was told I cant then I was aloud to go but my ride found out they cant so I couldn’t go again. Finally I got my mom to go with me but when we got there…Christina just got off stage…so we were going to go home…but then we heard she was going to sign autographs after so we stayed for the show and then I GOT TO MEET HER ♥


My Grimmie Experience took place at the Digitour in New York City. My friend and I were backstage before the show, and she is just such a lovely, nice, amazing person. The picture I took with her is even in her Facebook photo album from the Digitour! Her performance was fantastic. I loved every second of it.


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I first met Christina Grimmie while she was on the DigiTour back in April. It was crazy! I drove 5.5 hours to go to the DigiTour. Mainly to see her. She was so amazing. I got there a little beforehand because I bought the VIP ticket so I could go backstage to meet everyone before the show started. When she finally came out, all I could do was giggle and smile like a little girl. The first thing she said was, “Alright who wants hugs?” It was so awesome! So of course, I took her up on that offer. And then we got to talking about video games, where we came from, and just general talk like she was some ordinary person (and by no means is she ordinary). When she performed, she sounded so good! It’s like I was listening to her at home. Except she was about 10 feet in front of me. So after the show was all over, I went over to her merch table and bought a necklace and a t-shirt, and she signed it for me. After the craziness of the after-show died down a little, I got a picture of me with her and Dave Days! I got a normal picture with us smiling, and then a funny one. And still, after that, I hung around and shot about 10 minutes worth of video of just her, her friend, Ricky Ficarelli, and a bunch of other people after the show. Oh, and did I mention I got 2 more hugs from her after the show? Oh man, I wanted to pass out. But, definitely one of the best performances I’ve ever seen, and she was so genuine and nice (and pretty). Best concert ever. Best $70 spent on a ticket (plus $40 in merch). Best night. So worth the 5.5 hour drive.


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